I’m a sex offender who relies on access to good information and UpToDate resources to help me make informed decisions that affect my life, and those around me. I wanted to make it easier to find information. Most of the forums or websites I have relied on for information allows for the posting of comments which are hard to follow.

Please use this site as a place to discuss topics that will be beneficial to others, share personal triumphs, and share messages that uplift and promote the betterment of all those affected by unjust laws.

I have disabled the ability to post or upload pictures. The site will be moderated by it’s members, and I beg that each of you tries to be as civil as possible. Please be respectful of others ideas.

Refrain from anything illegal.

The site requires the use of 2-factor authentication, we don’t sell your information to anyone, and the DM features end-to-end encryption so only you and your intended recipient can read it.

I pay for this site myself. I will never ask anyone to subscribe or pay for anything. I will never post advertisements.